Women with unilateral mastectomy: how does the implant in healthy breast compare to reconstructed breast? (Pain, numbness, symmetry)


I had largest silicon implant put in before CORVID and rest of reconstruction: adding fat to fill in gaps, stop implant from rubbing against SKIN, healthy breast reconstruction all got delayed.

I had very large, firm breasts, but lack of hormones and other medications means my remaining breast needs a breast lift and most likely an implant as opposed to using just fat.

The implant in mastectomy HURTS. It pinches the skin, feel like a brick in my chest at night, and sometimes makes my back feel like I’ve been in a bar for days.

I’m worried the implant and breast lift in healthy breast will cause loss of feeling, especially afraid of loss of nipple sensitivity!

And I’m worried I’d be risking all this for breasts that’ll never match up- dr said I’ll look better in clothes.

For women who’ve had this reconstruction and also women who’ve just gotten implants- does implant hurt as much in healthy breast? Did you lose sensitivity? How even, symmetrical did they get both breasts to look?