having a hard time trusting after being taken advantage of constantly


i’m a minor, and reach out for support a lot. i guess that makes me pretty vulnerable. i get a lot of attention from men anyway. a lot of people in my life have been really nice and supportive of me, and then ended up being really destructive to me. i feel like people think my only purpose is for me to show off my body, or do favors for them. i’ve noticed a lot of the men in my life that have offered support never actually listened when i said no and pushed my boundaries a lot.

one only followed underage girls and pressured me into so many situations and i feel so shitty about how he might treat other people. i regret letting him take advantage of me and not listening to myself. i gave so much of myself to him that it felt like nothing was mine, not my mind, not my body, nothing.

it feels like i can never have real support because it’s like every time i try and get some, i get taken advantage of. that or people try and groom me and it’s just difficult. i get anxious waiting for when someone might switch up like others have

at this point though, with the amount of people (mostly men) that’ve taken advantage of me, i’ve lost a lot of self worth. it doesn’t really feel like i’m worth more than what they think i am. and to them, i have a hard time believing i’m more than my body or some toy they can play with temporarily. i feel like i’m starting to resent men and i hate that. it’s caused a lot of trust issues in friendships i enter and i’m so lost as to what to do. sorry if this doesn’t belong here