Could I be pregnant?


Basically the title. I have been using nuvaring for about a year and a half. I was also finally approved for a bilateral salpingectomy which took place yesterday.

The reason I am worried about pregnancy is because I had intercourse with a new partner the weekend before my surgery. I was on NuvaRing, but it fell out during intercourse. I immediately rinsed it off and inserted it back.

Then, on the day of my surgery, my doctor removed it and then inserted it back when the surgery was done.

I am concerned because that is twice the ring came out in a two day period. Even though it was only our for about an hour each time, I’m still slightly concerned.

My partner did pull out when we had intercourse and the ring was inserted right after. I am also worried about any antibiotics that may have affected the ring while I was getting surgery.

So, is it possible to be pregnant? This is the last week of my ring before changing it, even though I probably won’t use it anymore since my tubes are tied.

Any advice would be appreciated.