What’s a superstition you strongly believe?

I believe that self-fulfilling prophecies are incredibly strong forces upon a life. Believing that you do or don’t deserve something, believing that something will or won’t happen to you. I think that a lot of people are living under the effects of some of the stories they tell and that what you are not careful about believing about the world or yourself is to blame for a lot of different things.

I could happily claim that I live with a lot of impulses and emotions that align with either OCD or Depression at many points in time, but I absolutely at all cost never think of myself as having or being a victim of a mental illness because I think the belief that “I have depression” has such a strong negative longterm effect. I’m happy to go to therapy, and have in the past, but I always see people who agree not to label whatever I need help with and to just offer acute help with whatever behavior I want to curb.

We are partially ourselves just self-narrative creating machines and so the stories we believe about our world and life, they drastically can affect the outcome of our lives.