What is your strangest/craziest paranormal experience?

I once found a small version of the doll from Saw at a car-boot sale and got an idea. I cut the hair, removed the bowtie, used nail polish remover to remove the swirls from the cheeks, and painted the eyes jet black, then I laid some groundwork.

I didn’t mention it to my friends but just went real quiet for a few days until someone asked if I was okay, then I told them I brought a ‘creepy doll’ at a car-boot sale and that ‘weird shit’ had been happening at my house since I took it home, and I started asking people to take it for a while ‘so I could know if I was going crazy’.

The majority of people I gave it to had some kind of paranormal experience (things moving around, weird noises at night etc); I’m sure some were putting it on for the sake of trying to scare me, but some seemed genuinely terrified, and others I really don’t think were the sort to play that kind of prank on me. One girl wouldn’t even touch it because she could ‘feel the negative energy clinging to it’ (she already had some strong superstitious beliefs, if you couldn’t tell).

It all ended when one of the friends who’d taken the doll told me that the weird occurrences at his house had continued after I took it back, and the aforementioned girl told them that it must have left an ‘imprint’; they asked me if we could burn the doll and I agreed, funnily enough the hauntings ceased after that.