What is the weirdest dream you had?

The sense of the uncanny in dreams is hard to convey. In the clear light of day, writing on a website, the events of a nightmare can sound almost comical but I think it’s the overriding emotion in the dream that matters more than the content.

I used to have a recurring dream where I would wake up in my childhood bed. Something felt uncanny and unsettling from the get-go. I wandered the house looking for my family but the place was empty. I walked slowly downstairs and into the living room which was still empty but the television was on. On the television screen I could see my parents (as if they were on a TV show) searching the house looking for me as if I was lost. I called out to them but they couldn’t hear me. Then I heard a door slam behind me. I knew instinctively (the way one does in dreams) that whatever was behind me was not my parents. I awoke with a start.