What is the lie someone told that nearly ruined your life?

That I“attacked” my classmate Chris. He told everyone I blew up and assaulted him, and for months all of my friends and classmates took his side. Everyone hated me and his parents threatened to get the police involved and I was threatened with expulsion for my “violent outbursts”. It was at this point some of my classmates came forward admitting he was lying and that he was actually the one who assaulted me. He bashed my head against metal framing, punched me and chased me around before tackling me and assaulting me. It didn’t stop there. He did the same thing after I squirted him with a water gun and once attempted to push me into a fire because I stole his seat. This kid is a nightmare and a narcissist freak. On top of this he got me a detention and mark down on my personal record for ”stabbing him with a ruler”. In reality, I tapped on his shoulder to get his attention.