UN-Habitat at COP27


An opportunity to advance multi-level climate action.

Addressing climate change challenges, the COP27 Presidency, in collaboration with UN-Habitat and with the facilitation of ICLEI, developed the Sustainable Urban Resilience for the next Generation (SURGe) Initiative, seeking to achieve sustainable and resilient urban systems through strengthen the implementation of the climate agenda in and with cities; unlocking urban climate finance; capacity-building and ensuring equity.

UN-Habitat, the Egyptian COP27 Presidency, the Egyptian Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities and ICLEI briefed Member States and Core Partners on the initiative in Nairobi on 09 September in the presence of Ambassador, Ayman Tharwat Amin, Deputy Director of the Department of Climate, Environment and Sustainable Development, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and UN-Habitat Executive Director, Maimunah Mohd Sharif.

In July, a hybrid stakeholder consultation workshop took place in Cairo, Egypt, with more than 120 participants, discussing main action points ahead of COP27. The participants included representation from national governments such as Austria, France, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Morocco, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the UK as well as UN Organizations, civil society, academia, private sectors and Non-governmental Organisations (NGOs).