The voice my boyfriend uses when speaking to me


I’ve been with him for about four years and today was the first time I heard his “bro” voice. I almost didn’t recognize that it was him speaking. His voice sings a little when he talks to me. It’s not lovey-dovey baby talk either, just a different register. I feel like it’s harder for me to sense this voice change in women. I feel like for women, there is a greater change in their voice when they don’t like you.

I love the way people’s voices sound different when they love you. I feel like it’s very telling with men; when they drop their guard a little. I also love how people have code words that they use with friends/family/loved ones.

When we first started dating, I accidentally casually said “ I love you”. It was early in the relationship and I was embarrassed that I said it so soon. I tried to excuse it as “love” being just another “ L word”. This lead us to saying any random “ L word “ to replace “ I love you”.

  • I know that I’m talking about speech in a very gender binary way.