Survey to Evaluate the Effectiveness of the Second Session of the Executive Board of UN-Habitat for Year 2021

  1. Introduction

This survey is mandated by the Executive Board of UN-Habitat through decision 2021/8 which requested the Secretariat to conduct a survey following its second session  of the year 2021 that took place from 15-16 November 2021. The Survey is to evaluate the effectiveness of that session, to further improve the process and outcome of future sessions.   

In line with rule 1.1 of the rules of procedure, the Executive Board is supposed to “meet in regular session two or three times per year, as appropriate, at such times and for such duration as it shall determine”. The Functions of the Executive Board are outlined in Rule 5 of the rules of procedure and includes among others, to provide oversight mechanism by Member States for UN-Habitat to enhance its normative and operational activities and to ensure accountability, transparency, efficiency and effectiveness of the Organization.

This survey targets all Member States including Members of the Executive Board. Your responses to the survey are anonymous. All responses will be analyzed and included in the survey report. The survey results will be considered by the Executive Board at its the first session for the year 2022.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete the survey and for your commitment to improving efficiency and effectiveness of the Executive Board sessions.


  1. Assessment Scale

In this survey, a rating scale of level 5 (strongly agree) to level 1 (strongly disagree) will be used. The scale is as follows:

Level 5 = Strongly Agree; Level 4= Agree; Level 3= Somewhat Agree; Level 2= Disagree; Level 1= Strongly Disagree. You should mark what is appropriate.

A. Alignment of the functions and competence of the Executive Board with the Provisional Agenda of the sessions of the Board:

B. Pre-session documents:

C. Pre-session Briefing by the Executive Director:

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D. Number of sessions per year of the Executive Board:

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E. Preparations and implementation of the 2021 second session of the Executive Board:

G: Other Questions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Executive Board: