Starting at YMCA with swimming lessons; how the heck do I shop for a one piece swim suit?


Hi everyone, hope your Thanksgiving week is off to a good start! So, I have had long Covid since last March aunt it got to the point where I lost mobility and the ability to walk. After some serious intense physical therapy I am mobile again, although I am still wobbly and having circulation issues. I was blessed enough to have an amazing physical therapist to help me get walking again, but still with a cane, and even then I am still having a bit of trouble.

I spoke with him today and he mentioned a YMCA that is only half a mile from me, and that swimming would be a great start for me. My only question is how the F do I shop for a swimsuit?!

I’ve gained and considerable amount of weight during my Covid mines and recovery, and still besides that wouldn’t even know how to start shopping for swimwear. Do I just grab a bunch off of the rack at a sporting good store and try them on? Any tips and recommendations are welcome! Help me get walking again! Love you all!