Siri made me pullover and text because she couldn’t text for me. This isn’t okay.


Asking Siri to text my wife (and others too) is something I’ve done countless times and she’s never had a problem until yesterday. I had my toddler in the car and she had spilled water all over her so I wanted to text my wife to let her know to have a fresh set of clothes ready. So I press the voice assistant button in my car and say “text my wife saying have a fresh set of clothes ready for full stop she has spilled water all over herself”.

Siri goes: “sending a group message to Vinay and saying (what I said above)”. I haven’t spoken to my high school classmate Vinay in like over a decade now. So I was like wtf. When Siri asked me if I was ready to send it I said no.

Tried the same command a few times and again siri was doing the same thing. I was really tempted to just text while driving but my toddler was in the car so I pulled over and texted the old fashioned way.

Now I understand Siri isn’t great but the fact that I was able to do this countless times before and it stopped working randomly is what gets me.

Thinking back I guess I could have just asked Siri to text instead of saying text my wife. But like I said earlier, this is something I’ve done hundreds of times and it’s always worked. I literally had to delete the contact named Vinay from my phone to get it to work. This isn’t okay apple. Not at all.


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