Sexual interactions in Relationships?


So first of all, I’m a virgin & have never been in a relationship, just so that this is clear. I know this question may sound ridiculous, specially because I’m mostly leaning on what I’ve heard from other people or saw in the medias. And it could also be that with actuall experience & a partner I’d think differently. But still, I’ve been thinking about this for quiet a while and asking never hurts

I’ve heard from a few people (and obsiously books& movies) that men are horny much more often than women. I mean, I’ve heard multiple men saying that they can’t go a few days without masturbating but I can easily go without it for a few weeks. And also from women who have been in multiple relationships, that men are horny much more often. This makes me question how it is in a relationship. Obviously I know that you don’t have to do anything, if you don’t want. But I imagine it as super annoying.

What I imagine here is the following scenario: It’s evening, you had a long day & just want to watch a movie but your boyfriend wants to get intimate. You tell him off. The next day/ a few days later you’re both free and you were just about to clean your house but again your boyfriend wants to get intimate. Or what I’ve often seen in media (books & movies) is the man wanting to get intimate in moments where there is only a short ammount of time, like before you have guests over or before you leave for some appointment. And I just can’t imagine living like this. I’m not asexual thought, but I just can’t imagine to do it like all the time.

Can someone with experience tell me how it is for them? And am I the only one who is/was worried about this?