Questionnaire for SDG Costing Exercise On Roads, WASH, Housing, IDPs, LNOB, Revenue and Expenditure


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) require major societal transformations that will depend on significant public and private investments. The Secretary-General’s SDG Stimulus, as well as ongoing reform of the International Financial Architecture, is based on the understanding that developing countries need to realise greater investment from domestic markets, public sources, and international finance. Many countries are developing integrated national financing frameworks designed to mobilise and align investment across the financing landscape with the SDGs.

For member states to accelerate progress in investment towards SDGs and in achieving SDGs requires a better understanding of the costs connected with meeting SDGs at the national level. Therefore, costing exercises at the national level is a top priority in the process of implementing Agenda 2030 and in achieving SDGs. Costing exercises can also provide benchmarks for donors and national fiscal authorities in their budgeting processes and serve as the base for developing strategies and financing plans for implementing SDGs. For this purpose, United Nations has recently initiated a costing exercise to estimate the costs of attaining SDGs at the national level. The SDG costing exercise is coordinated by the Executive Office of the Secretary-General of the United Nations and led by the Deputy-Secretary-General of the United Nations.

UN-Habitat and UNDP are assigned to undertake the costing exercise of SDGs focusing on the thematic areas of Roads, WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene), Housing, Internally Displaced Population, and Leaving No One Behind at the country level for all member states.

This survey is intended to collect data for this very important costing exercise on the themes of Roads, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, Housing, and Internally Displaced Populations.

The survey focuses on data collection on costings at two levels/areas:

(i) National Level Itemised Data Collection for Sector/Subject Areas: collecting country-level data in order to estimate costs for selected SDG targets at the country level, which can allow cross-country comparison of costs and investment needs, and for further aggregated estimation of costs at the regional and global levels. This will enable us to identify investment gaps and design appropriate support for member states.

(ii) National Processes and Initiatives:  understanding what is known or has been done about investment needs in these areas from the ongoing national processes and initiatives.

 The questionnaire may require member states to liaise with their relevant departments/agencies in their respective countries to provide data to fill in the questionnaire.

This questionnaire should be completed by member states.

The completed questionnaire is required to be returned by 30 June 2023 through email attachment (in Microsoft Word format) to: 

Dr. Xing Quan Zhang, UN-Habitat, Email: [email protected]

Dr. Neil Khor, UN-Habitat, Email: [email protected]

Tim Strawson, UNDP, Email: [email protected]

You can download the questionnaire from the link below. The electronic file of the questionnaire is fillable. After you complete the questionnaire and save it, please email it to the above email addresses. For any enquiries and questions in the process of filling in the questionnaire, please feel free to send to us.