People with unusual names, what is it and why do you like or dislike it?

The thing about it is that the name itself is not a problem, but socially, if I give my name, I always have to say it three times: the first time, the second time to clarify they didn’t mishear an expected name, and a third time for confirmation of pronunciation once they realize it is different.

This is a waste of time for most things where I share my name with people I don’t have an on-going personal relationship with.

So I use another name for those occasions. It is fast and easy.

Also, my name is not just unusual, it is unique, so I’m careful where I put it online, because it will show up in any search when present and it won’t be anybody but me.

My name is in FCC license databases and obituaries of family members.

EDIT: I also have personal business cards (not for business) printed with my name and other information I don’t want to verbally confirm. Carrying a few of those makes things easier. Never verbally spell anything if one doesn’t have to.