My friend wore a slutty outfit when visiting my home


She’s gorgeous and I love to dress sexy; we have a common style.

This was the first time she visited my home and she doesn’t dress this way in the number of times we’ve hung out before. We are still new in our friendship.

I love her outfit, again, cute and hot! But here’s the thing, you just don’t make a first impression on your gf’s husband dressed in a top that bares half of your boobs and miniskirt with lace pantyhose. It’s out of respect. I don’t do that around any of my friends’ SOs.

And the thing is, I figured she would do that.

She is a sweet and kind woman. I like her… but then she asked, “Is your hubby working in the other room? He works from home, right?”

He chose to drive out to the office because he is constantly on calls and our small apartment would be too noisy.

Oh, and she knew that I am insecure about my lower breast size.