men making me feel like i’m stupid


i feel like most men i’ve met have done this. i’m interested in video games and “girly” things like make up and clothes. i honestly don’t know much about computers but i have basic knowledge and i feel like i can never be trusted on any decisions i make for my own computer.

i can never buy a keyboard or monitor without input from my boyfriend or some man i’m friends with. it always has be to “ran” by them. i genuinely know they know more than me about this subject (these specific men not men in general lmao) but hey ??? i know how to read reviews, watch youtube recommendation videos. sorry i don’t know every single mechanical detail about the computer thing i bought but it wasn’t completely thoughtless. i always feel like i can never just show off this cool thing i got for my computer without feeling stupid because i don’t know how to answer their questions.

however, i can freely talk about “girly” interests because they don’t understand anyways. it just feels a little undermining..

rant over i guess lol. something happen with my bf and i didn’t know how to express this feeling without making it sound stupid and it lowkey still does, so i guess i’ll work shop it so we can talk it out i guess.