maybe some of you can give me some advice !


hello! this is honestly just a teen girl asking for advice on a crush (hopefully some of you have been there before!). so i met this guy at a uni conference, and omg when i tell you he is SO CUTE and SO SWEET it actually melts my heart. problem is is that he lives in another city, so i cant see him in person. i do however have his snapchat. and we talk almost everyday on snap, and its been abt a week since the conference. hes always really nice to me when we text, he asks me questions (other guys ive talked to in the past were very bland and wouldnt engage in convo), and overall pretty good convo. i know it may seem too early to think abt it, but i cant tell if this guy likes me too? i dont want to mistake his kindness/sweetness for liking me as well. ahh what can i say, i just really like him!