International Women’s Day


This year International Women’s Day theme is: Changing Climates: Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow – a theme that recognises the contribution of women and girls around the world to achieve gender equality and build a sustainable future. Our dream is to live in a world free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination. We all need to strive for a society in which people’s differences are recognized and valued, gender biases broken down, and where there is equality for all.

Message from Princess Lamia AlSaud, UN-Habitat Goodwill Ambassador for Arab States and Secretary General of Alwaleed Philanthropies

“International Women’s Day: In order for us to have a more sustainable future, we must first empower women to enable them to become positive change-makers in society.” Read more..

UN-Habitat’s Her City toolbox empowers women to make significant improvements in urban development

One year ago, on 8 March 2021, UN-Habitat unveiled its Her City toolbox, which, with its embedded participatory processes, helps girls with diverse needs to plan and design cities that work for them, and everyone else. Read more..

On the International Day of Women, girls and women in Mozambique set examples for empowerment and reconciliation

8 March 2022 – Promoting a participatory and gender-sensitive approach to conflict resolution, a UN-Habitat project in Mozambique is empowering girls and women to learn skills to build homes that would replace the ones they lost in conflict. Read more..

How Philippine’s Maranao women contribute to rebuilding communities, sustaining peace

8 March 2022 – Women play a critical role in rebuilding communities after the war and in sustaining peace within their new resettlement sites. For the indigenous Maranao women, this role is often overshadowed by their custom that traditionally sees women only as wives and mothers. Read more..