I have a bulge and idk what it is? Please help


Psa. I will be talking to my doctor

So a couple weeks ago my last period was late. I was not pregnant I did have a regular period (I did pass some blood clots but that does happen pretty regularly on my period). And I noticed this bulge on my right side where my pooch is.I am a little bit skinny fat so I do have a little fat right there however as I was running my hands down there I noticed that it was significantly bigger. It did feel bigger than on the other side.

It doesn’t really have any feeling but I do sometimes get a weird feeling from there. Eventually it seems like it went down however recently I have noticed it again. I showed my partner and they said they couldn’t really tell too much of a difference.

I can’t tell if I’m over reacting but it just feels weird. So I can’t really tell if it’s serious or not. For a while now I have been wondering if I might have PCOS and my friend who has endometriosis said that I should possibly pursue more of that route with some symptoms that I generally have. I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced anything like this because I keep googling it and I can’t find anything anywhere. It’s just such a weird spot to have this kind of bulge. To give you a sense of what it feels like it almost feels like a hump. I also can’t decide if I should go see my OB/GYN or my primary care doctor.