I am building a Safari Web extension (not an app extension) to switch between tabs. Something I really wanted to exist!


I like the tab-switching behaviour in Chrome/Firefox and wanted Safari to have something similar. Another wish of mine was for it to be a web extension that feels native to the browser vs an app extension that looks out of place.

After waiting long enough, I decided to build one myself. A little preview of Tap Tab. The web extension APIs for managing tabs are pretty locked down in Safari, but I have already found a lot of value in using the extension. Some of the features that I find very useful(in the middle of building a few of these) :

  • Driven by keyboard shortcuts. I can see the tabs I have open at a glance and switch between them.

  • Fuzzy search to quickly filter down to the tab you want.

  • Quick switching between two tabs.

  • Ability to pin, mute, and close the tab right from the extension.

Say hello, and tell me what features you would like the extension to have!!

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