Gifts Handmade With Love for Everyone on Your List


Do stories about global supply chain issues have you panicked over your last-minute holiday shopping? Fear not! At UNICEF Market, you can still buy a beautiful handcrafted gift that will arrive by December 24. Our warehouse in Texas is stocked with a collection of unique handmade gifts from around the world. They’re wrapped up and ready to go. Just make your picks now, and we’ll send them right out so everyone on your holiday list can get a handcrafted treasure that’s just as special as they are to you.

To help children even more directly, look no further than UNICEF Market’s Inspired Gift Collection, which provides essential, lifesaving supplies to children and their families around the world. Inspired Gifts include therapeutic food to treat severe acute malnutrition and a kit to help mothers provide their newborns with the best start in life. Simply choose the Inspired Gift you choose to donate in the name of a recipient, and they’ll receive an e-card letting them know the good you’re doing together.


These stunning, best-selling earrings by Michael Krainer make the perfect gift for Mom! The Thai artisan shapes exquisite Roman glass recovered from archaeological dig sites up to 2,000 years old into a graceful tower-like design. Find a unique, glittering set just for Mom. With nearly 800 pairs to chose from, the UNICEF Market Earring Gift Collection is sure to have a style she will treasure for years to come.

Michael Krainer from Thailand crafts these earrings from Roman glass and sterling silver. Mesmerizing Color, $47.99.

Earrings, $47.99

If you want to go the extra mile for Mom, pay tribute to her loving care by donating an Inspired Gift Newborn Kit in her honor to a mother struggling to give her baby the best start in life. The gift includes all the supplies babies need to stay healthy in the first year of life, including diapers, essential vaccines to protect against dangerous illnesses, baby clothes, blankets and more. Any mom will be proud knowing her gift is helping another mother provide for her child.

NewBorn Kit, $50


This cool outerwear piece will keep Dad warm and stylish all winter! The jacket features an insulating Italian Thermoluxe core, four front patch pockets, two hand pockets, a faux shearling collar and real horn buttons. Give this jacket as a gift or shop for other on-trend apparel from the Men’s Fashion Collection.

This classic jacket has an insulating Italian Theromluxe core, four front patch pockets, two hand pockets, a faux shearling collar and real horn buttons. Grand Mesa Jacket, $295.00.

Jacket, $295

If you want to level up your presents for Dad this holiday season, give an Inspired Gift in his honor. The Emergency Family Water and Hygiene Kit helps other dads keep their families safe after a natural disaster hits. Essential supplies for everyone — water purification tablets, a bucket, soap, reusable sanitary pads, a multipurpose cloth, detergent, flashlight — can make life in a temporary shelter tolerable until it’s safe to go home.

Emergency Supplies Kit, $53

Sister or Brother

Your brother or sister will get a kick out of this miniature billiards game during family holiday downtime! You’ll have fun seeing who can pocket the balls with cues no larger than chopsticks! Artisan Waraporn Khamsuk from Thailand designed this game so it’s small enough to fit on a desk or coffee table. For more whimsical fun, shop the Game Collection to find a gift that will make your sibling smile year-round.

Thai artisan Waraporn Khamsuk makes this miniature billiards game out of raintree wood and felt. Best of Billiards, $44.99.

Billiards Game, $45

Make this year’s gift to your sibling even more meaningful by choosing one that gives kids the chance to enjoy sports as much as he or she does. An Inspired Gift of five soccer balls encourages children to stay physically active while giving them the gift of play.

Soccer Balls, $46


These reclaimed stone flower pots make an eye-catching, sustainable present for the grandma who enjoys gardening! The Rosales Family handcrafts the set of three in graduated sizes from quarry stone. Their unique patterns and textures make them perfect for any indoor or outdoor space. This set is part of UNICEF Market’s Eco-Friendly Collection, which contains pots, ceramics, glassware and other environmentally friendly and thoughtful gifts.

A set of three eco-friendly quarry stone pots by the Rosales family in graduated sizes. Petite Fleurs, $29.95.

Flower Pot Set, $29.95

If you’re looking for a present that does even more good, the Bundle of Hope Inspired Gift is a great way to honor grandma’s optimism by giving some to children in need. This gift empowers children who struggle to learn and grow, with water purification tablets, exercise books, soap, vaccinations, pencils and therapeutic food.

Bundle of Hope, $50


A sleek, hand-woven grey diamond design in an alpaca acrylic blend makes this the throw blanket Grandpa will reach for on chilly days. The Home Decor Pillow and Throw Collection has other cozy winter essentials to keep him warm and cozy at home.

Nestor Yana of Peru weaves a geometric design from an acrylic and alpaca blend and finishes the throw with fringe detailing. Gunmetal Diamonds, $49.99.

Blanket, $49.99

To make your gift for Grandpa even more meaningful, dedicate the Warm Blankets for Five Babies Inspired Gift to him. He will feel good knowing that his gift is keeping children snug during the coldest nights.

Warm Blankets, $31

Aunt or Uncle

The uncle or aunt who always knows how to have a good time could always use an artsy shot glass set! With a vibrant confetti design along the rim, these were crafted by Mexican artisans using centuries-old handblown glass techniques. This set of six is part of the Home Decor Tableware Collection, which includes kitchenware gifts in a variety of ornate and unique styles.

Artisans from Mexico use traditional handblown glass techniques to create this set of six colorful shot glasses. Confetti Path, $49.99.

Shot Glass Set, $49.99

For the aunt and uncle who are always there for their nieces and nephews, the Large First Aid Kit Inspired Gift equips health workers to provide treatment and care to children in need. The kit contains an array of medical supplies, including bandages, soap, a blanket, a towel, forceps, a scalpel blade, pain relievers and ointments.

Large First Aid Kit for a Health Worker, $32


This Talavera-style appetizer serving plate is the perfect present for a friend who loves hosting parties! Painting vibrant floral motifs by hand, Sergio Ponce, its maker,  works in the traditional Talavera ceramic style of Puebla, Mexico. The Home Decor Tableware Collection has an extensive selection of bowls, serveware, glasses and plates that make dining a beautiful and effortless experience.

Sergio Ponce crafts and paints an appetizer serving plate in the traditional Talavera-style of Puebla, Mexico. Festive Flowers, $79.95.

Appetizer Platter, $79.95

Honor your friend’s intelligence and creativity by donating 1,000 pencils to a school in their name. This Inspired Gift equips a school with the essential tool children can’t express themselves without.

1,000 pencils for a whole school $29


An alebrije sculpture makes a thoughtful present for that neighbor you see walking his or her dog morning, noon and night — or any animal lover. This playful cat is hand-crafted and painted by Mexican artisans Zeny and Reyna, in the alebrije tradition, which originated in the state of Oaxaca, long known for its accomplished wood carvers. The Mexican Home Decor Collection has a sculpture for nearly every animal imaginable, including birds, frogs, owls, dragons and more.

Married artisans Zeny and Reyna from Mexico bring this alebrije cat to life with traditional motifs in vibrant colors. Excited Cat in Teal, $25.99.

Cat Alebrije, $25.99

A gift of five UNICEF school bags is another great way to honor a special neighbor in your life. These bags help children stay organized and feel empowered to excel at school. 

Five Backpacks, $18

UNICEF Market has many more unique artisan gifts that can arrive by Christmas. Check out the complete selection here and the UNICEF Inspired Gifts collection, which many other purposeful gifts that will make this season of giving more hopeful for children in need. 

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