From the Field: Interweaving ecosystems in Indonesia


The UN Development Programme (UNDP) is working with local communities in Indonesia’s Kalimantan forests to protect biodiversity and generate sustainable livelihoods.

Traditional weaving in Ensaid Panjang,  Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Traditional weaving in Ensaid Panjang, Kalimantan, Indonesia., by UNDP Indonesia

Traditionally, the cultivation of natural dyes are used for traditional weaving in Kalimantan, Indonesia’s territory on the island of Borneo. These methods are being used as a means of forest conservation, with the planting and cultivating natural dye-producing plants.

In Ensaid Panjang village, the products woven are not just commercially valuable – they serve as a key link to Indigenous traditions and lifeways, including ceremonies and rituals.

A UNDP-backed project is working with communities, like Ensaid Panjang, to protect and maintain forest areas. Find out more about the project here.