Do you think “social media” is dying? What will replace it in your opinion?

Objectively yes; the shift is inevitable due to TikTok and ‘micro’ entertainment for a really odd reason. Time is a commodity, any amount of time someone spends watching a random person, say, teach a crow to talk is time taken away from watching a streamer or personality, and certainly time spent following friends.

Social media traditionally worked as following friends, but that was outpaced by ‘extremes’ of influencers and personalities, which was then replaced by bite sized snippets. I.e., what people had to consume became more and more extreme, and friends/family and even streamers couldn’t compete with some random guy making one off videos with baby elephants, etc.

What comes next? It’s hard to say. Based on trends, another extreme, one even less personable. It’s just a question of stimuli.