Dealing with negative feedback


I’m a relatively recent grad at my first real corporate job, and it’s been a huge learning experience.

I noticed that my boss tends to give a lot of feedback, but most of it is negative, with rare superficial compliments. I appreciate the feedback, and most of it is minor and fixable issues.

It just really hurts my confidence to hear on a weekly basis how many things I am doing wrong, without much reassurance that I am doing things right. I’m also really sensitive, so it’s hard to keep these critiques separate from my personal life. I’ve never been given this much constructive criticism, so it feels like I’m not good enough, even though I am trying my best.

I generally accept the feedback with a blank face, and reply “sure thing, will do”, but I am not sure how to feel confident in my work, when by boss constantly has something new to critique.

I have already implemented the necessary changes, and am taking each feedback as a chance to learn. I just am hoping that I can receive a genuine compliment every now and then.

Do you know how I can help overcome this? I really dread meeting with my boss for our weekly check-ins, since I know I’m going to get a lot of harsh feedback.