Biological Responsibilities


I feel so stupid for asking, but I do have a question. Do men have a responsibility anywhere close to the female responsibility of periods?

As women, we are responsible for the pain and clean up of periods. They fucking suck. And they are horribly painful. It’s awful. So I guess my question is, is there an equivalent? No not blue balls, no not the mess of Cumming. We have that too.

I’m talking about biological messes and responsibility for men that is an equivalent of a period.

And my guess in no, so if I’m right, how do you feel about it? I feel angry and resentment. I want to like men and feel for them but how? From what I can tell all they do is cum when it comes to procreation. We suffer constantly. I want to believe men are equal to us in procreation but from what I know, they just get to cum and move on and may even never have responsibility for procreation

I need to know if they suffer too. But the way we do. Physically suffer. Mentally suffer. Just fucking suffer.