It has been several years since Ms. Elizabeth Holmes joined the elite of entrepreneurs. With HER choices, too numerous to dictate, she has failed not only budding entrepreneurs, but women as a whole. ANY MAN convicted of her charges, would rarely, if ever, use the defense of his lover/girlfriend forcing these actions, let alone win a lighter since by doing so.

Today is a day all women in this county should behold. Today, our justice system said to the county if you are a WOMAN we will not sentence you accordingly, if you are a mother – we will not sentence you accordingly.

As a woman, in business, whom has fought tooth and nail LEGITIMATELY through a “man’s” world – not only has Ms. Holmes disgraced us, but also the presiding Judge.

Choosing to advocate for equality only when it suits your needs, is the exact opposition to the term. Man or woman. I hope today’s sentence enrages WOMEN, and I pray it does not fuel predatory men into using women as their second in command to evade fair justice.