7 Effects Of Climate Change Happening Right Now


7 Climate Change Effects of Climate Change Happening Right now

The Earth’s temperature has risen .14° Fahrenheit (0.08° Celsius) per decade since 1880. And according to NASA, NOAA and Berkeley Earth, the past seven years have been the hottest in recorded history.

While climate change has multiple contributing factors, the unfortunate truth is that most of those factors are due to human activity. Powering buildings, producing food, manufacturing goods, generating power and deforestation are just a few main causes of the Earth’s rising temperature. While a warmer planet wasn’t of much concern a few decades ago, climate experts and scientists have warned the public that if we stay on our current trajectory, we may only have until 2030 before we reach the global tipping point of no return.

7 Effects of Climate Change happening right now

Extreme heatwave

1. Temperature Extremes

Heatwaves are classified as prolonged periods of abnormally high temperatures. An estimated 1,300 Americans die from extreme heat each year, with that number expected to reach 50,000 by the year 2050. When left untreated, heatwaves can cause hyperthermia or heatstroke as well as an increase in cardiovascular, kidney and respiratory disorder hospital admissions. 

Coral reef fish

2. Biodiversity Loss

Warmer temperatures have a disastrous effect on the Earth’s biodiversity. Natural disasters such as floods, forest fires and droughts are just a few factors caused by climate change that can cause habitat loss and food scarcity for various species of plants and animals. The Great Barrier Reef is an example of biodiversity loss due to coral bleaching and ocean acidification.

Agriculture crops

3. Food security

If you’re already overwhelmed by inflation, prepare for another rise in grocery costs due to climate change! With an increase in weeds and pests and a change in rainfall patterns, fish, livestock and crop yields will begin to decline. Prices however will continue to climb as a response to declining food production.