11 Reasons to Gift a Tree for the Holidays


The season of giving is upon us! And while love and generosity are a big part of what makes the holidays so special, many of our beloved holiday traditions come at a hidden environmental cost. But we aren’t here to be grinches! With a few simple adjustments and sustainable holiday tips, you’ll be making sustainable Christmas memories to cherish for years to come!

Our favorite tip? As an eco-friendly alternative or complement to other presents, you can make a donation to plant trees on behalf of someone you loveYour sustainable gift can come with a custom Tree Certificate or customizable card, and you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that you’ve given a waste-free gift that will benefit, not harm, nature. 

11 reasons to gift a tree planted in the great outdoors for the holidays:

hands holding tree seedlings australia reforestation

1. Trees make a Unique Gift 

If you want to give something that’s (literally) outside the box, planting trees is a great way to do that. Everyone has their own personal relationship with trees, but many have fond memories of enjoying the great outdoors.

Gift trees for your best friend, your grandma, the person who has everything, or the nature-lover on your list. They will love the thoughtful gesture!

one tree planted reforestation donor update

3. trees Last a Lifetime 

When it comes to providing a lifetime of benefits, trees truly are the gift that keeps on giving. Every year, your loved one can look back and smile as they think about how their tree is growing and helping wildlife, ecosystems, local communities and the climate.

Once the planting project has been completed, you’ll receive a donor update so that you can learn more about your impactful gift!

owl in nest tree wildlife habitat

4. Trees Give Animals a Home

80% of the world’s known terrestrial plant and animal species can be found in forests. This means that one tree alone can be home to hundreds of living things!

Just think about all the birds, insects, and mammals that will have a place to live thanks to your awesome holiday gift.

fog rising off trees forest

5. Trees Clean the Air 

Trees help clean the air by absorbing carbon, releasing breathable oxygen and filtering harmful particulate pollution through their leaves.

The World Health organization says that 9 out of 10 people breathe air that contains high levels of pollutants, which can trigger new cases of asthma, exacerbate existing respiratory problems, lead to chronic illness, and more. Planting trees helps protect ecological and human health!

youth climate movement protestors

6. Trees Benefit Future Generations 

As evidenced by the growing youth climate protest movements across the globe, young people today are increasingly concerned about how our changing climate will affect their future.

By planting trees, you’ll help to secure a livable climate and environment for future generations.

hand harvesting fresh peach from peach tree

7. Trees Help End Hunger 

Trees produce nutritious food and income for people in need. They also help restore degraded land so that farmers can gradually increase their crop yields, reduce damaging erosion and landslides, and help the soil retain more water so that crops can grow and thrive.

With healthier food systems as a result of trees, communities also enjoy improved health, jobs, and economic stability. 

mature tree green infrastructure

8. Trees Keep People Safe 

Trees offer a lot of protection when natural disasters like flooding and landslides occur. Their powerful root systems act like filters and absorb stormwater, reducing the risk of flooding.

according to the Food and Agriculture Association of the United Nations, a mature evergreen tree can intercept more than 15,000 liters of water every year. But don’t worry, they don’t keep it all for themselves! Trees redistribute up to 95% of the water they absorb.

person gifting trees on one tree planted treecember product page

9. Planting trees is an affordable gift

Planting a tree with One Tree Planted costs just $1 per tree!

You can plant as many as you’d like, whether it’s a single tree or a small forest.

Regardless of your holiday gift budget, you can rest assured that the tree or trees you gift will have a powerful impact for people and the environment.